Vendor Application

National events are a fantastic opportunity for Vendors to come participate in Dystopia Rising, whether you’re a player or not. Before you submit the below form, please submit your full application HERE, including sending the sample, before filling out this form. We will expedite all applications related to attending Uprise and will use the props provided as giveaways during the event for players to find during the weekend.

Name *
Please provide a link to the current location where you sell your products.
Pre-Registration Policy *
The National Team is requiring that all applicants first purchase their event ticket before applying.
Vendor Acknowledgement *
Dystopia Rising focuses on separating in character and out of character sales. As such, we are requiring all Vendors to create an NPC persona to man their booths during the weekend to prevent crossover issues between real world payment and in game payment.
Authorized Crafter *
Note: Authorized Crafters are automatically approved and will be contacted with set-up details as they become available.