Photographer Application

We’re looking to schedule multiple photographers to capture the full event. If you have the equipment and interest, please apply below.

Compensation for all Team Members during Uprise 2019 is 15 National AP per hour for your standard 4 hour event and 20 AP per hour for each additional hour you volunteer. Team Members have the ability to convert 40 AP instead of the standard 20 AP for build, per character, while staying within the max build available for the event.

Name *
Please provide us a link to photos you have shot and edited, ideally from Dystopia Rising events, but more importantly showing your skill level.
Attendance *
Identify which days you will be able to make it to the event.
What Branches have you photographed for? *
Have you signed a photography release with any Branch? *
Pre-Registration Policy *
The National Team is requiring that all applicants first purchase their event ticket before applying.