Our 2019 Uprise event will take place at the historic Seaport Landing at 500 N. Custer Street in Aberdeen, Washington. This former sawmill complex is on the south bank of the Chehalis River in Aberdeen, Wash., the largest city on the Pacific Coast of Washington State. The property's features include: Numerous industrial scale buildings up to 100 years old, with most built in the past 50 years; several hundred feet of river frontage, including a place to launch small boats; at least 15 acres of flat, paved areas suitable for storage of large vehicles, hardtop camping, and semi-trailers. High quality industrial showers and bathrooms will be provided for the duration of the event. This is a hardtop camping event, so participants will need to bring tents, RVs, or other outdoor sleeping arrangements. We will also provide links to the closest hotels where participants can rent their own rooms if they would like to sleep off site.

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War comes in many ways.

There is the war of ideology.
There is the war of the flesh, blood, and conflict.
Then there is the war of the eternal soul and the primal drive to exist.

 We anticipate there will be a great deal of bloodshed and life lost in the war against the Iron Works. A dangerous experiment will be enacted here, stepping forward from the findings of the
Mortis Amaranthine suspended at the Circle of Twelve Knots last year.

How long we survive will be impacted by what we are able to do in death.

Hold your breath and hope to see the light again.
it is time for us to swim deep into The Sunless Garden.