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Address: 500 N. Custer Street in Aberdeen, WA

Nearest Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Nearby Shopping: There are multiple locations within 2 miles for grocery shopping and supplies, including a 24-hour Walmart.

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Crafting Zone: Hourly
Thursday 11pm & 12pm
Friday 10am to 3am
Saturday 9am to 12pm

Ship Simulation: Every Two Hours
Friday: 11am to 3am
Saturday: 11am to 3am

Mortis Amaranthine: Every Two Hours
Thursday: 11pm & 1am
Friday: 10am to 2am
Saturday: 12pm to 12am

Defense Line: Every Two Hours
Thursday: 10pm & 12am
Friday: 10am to 2am
Saturday: 10am to 12am

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Pre-reg Opens: December 21, 2019
Pre-reg Closes: April 7th, 2019 11:59pm EST

Doors Open: April 11, 2019 4pm PST
Game On: April 11, 2019 10pm PST (cars off site by 9:45pm)
Game Over: April 14, 2019 12noon PST

Character Sheets updated by: April 19, 2019

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Address: 500 N. Custer Street in Aberdeen, WA

Parking: There is parking available on-site, about 5 minutes walk from the event space.

Nearest Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


There is a Facebook Group for those who are looking to coordinate transportation. No member of the Uprise staff is overseeing transportation arrangements.

Facebook Ride-Share Group

Public Transit:The Aberdeen Bus Station is located 4 minutes from the site. Uber and standard taxis are available for a reasonable cost.


General Camping is included in your event ticket price.

The camping area will be open air, and the bathrooms are in the center of the camp, no matter where you stay they will be accessible.

Tents and cots can be rented, for delivery and pick-up on site from

Showers will be located near the camping area for easy access.

RVs will be located in a separate but near-by location. There are no hook-ups on site. There is no additional cost for RV parking.

Nearest Hotel: Travelodge by Wyndham
521 W Wishkah St, Aberdeen, WA - 1.5m away
(other hotels also available in the area)

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Check-in and sheet pick-up will open 2pm PST April 11, 2019. It will run until 2am PST April 12 (12 hours). Friday - Sunday sheets will be available during normal Logistics office hours.

Bring with you: Payment method (cash or card accepted), WAIVER (if not emailed prior)


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As this is a hard-top camping location, any and all needed materials and supplies for medical sleep must be brought by the attendant. We will set aside an OOC space for tents etc to be set up, however can not guarantee power or other accommodations. One of the nearby hotels may be the best option for some attendants.
Requests for space and Medical Notes must be sent to by March 21, 2019. Requests made day-of event will be accommodated as is possible but can not be guaranteed.

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Site Safety: There will be a section on the camp that is CLEARLY marked by the site owners as potentially dangerous for players to be in, this one spot we will be pointing out and is out of the way from normal play. Please don’t go past out barrier.

Medical Issues: The local fire department is in the lot next to our space and will be available as needed.

Ok Check-In System: The OK check-in system is a method of player to player check in during scenes. More information can be found HERE.

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The property is an outdoor industrial port location, with multiple buildings.

The ground is mostly level, with patches of broken pavement and/or hard-packed earth.

Most buildings have ramps built in. Temporary ramps will be put in place for the occupied buildings that do not have them.

There are intermittently placed lights for night-time play. There will be dark, unlit areas.

Strobe lights may be used in contained locations. Notices will be posted.

The event will not be using fireworks or other simulated explosions.

what to bring.gif
  • Character gear and costuming

  • NPC clothes (basic blacks)

  • Regular clothes, extra changes of socks

  • Shower and personal grooming supplies

  • Tent, sleeping bag, ground mat, etc.

  • Supplies to make your sleeping area look awesome and personal

  • Food and container for food (there will be no meal plan available)

  • 100% excitement!!!

check in skills black.png

As this is a cross-network event, it is not the home event for any characters. There will be no check in skills available at the event, however there will be different modules and engagements that will be enhanced by check-in type skills. This location is not a settlement, and will not be able to produce trade-ties for future resource production.

This event takes place only a few months before the transition from our 2.2 rule set to the Dystopia Rising Evolved rule set. With this in mind we would like our players to consider focusing on the experience of the event, personal stories, and the community aspects of the game.

You will only see the fall of the Iron Works once, let’s work together to make sure you get the most out of this experience, on the front lines or by supporting the troops.

crafting area.gif

We know that traveling outside of your home branch with larger props is difficult. We will be providing immersive crafting areas for cooking, tinkering, brewing, engineering, transcription, and farming. All of these areas will be within close proximity to our Public Works location which will provide appropriate item cards. There is no limit to the number of people who can work in these areas at the same time.

If you would like to still bring Engineered crafting spaces, resources, props, and work spaces you are welcome to do so. You will be responsible for providing your own props and ensuring the safety/genre of your crafting zone in the massive crafting and production areas.

The crafting and production areas will be flagged as NON COMBAT (CvE or CvC) zone meaning that non-negotiated and agreed on CvC conflict cannot happen in these areas. This space will be filled with toyetic engagement areas and if your setup has portions that would not be safe for conflict (like kitchens) let us know so we can help you build there.

We are actively working directly with the player base to make this crafting area the most collaborative and engaging space we’ve helped provide to date.

local resources.gif

The following are in addition to the standard basic, uncommon, rare, and other named materials that can be readily found at any branch event.

-Event Resources Via Scrounge-
Scrap: Drift Plastic
Gizmo: Crab
Gizmo: Dog Meat

-Named Herbs Available Via Farming-
Herb: Pungent Kalo
Herb: White Mountain Laurel
Herb: Evergreen Bamboo
Herb: Red Baneberry

-Resources Via Shipping / Traders-
Herb: Coconut
Scrap: Koa Wood
Scrap: Obsidian
Scrap: Tuscarora Heartwood
Produce: Russet Nittenyork

-Resources Via Skill Related Modules-
Scrap: Uranium
Scrap: Asbestos
Gizmo: Timber

site map.jpg

The Shipyard

Our site is the conjoined Seaport Landing in Aberdeen, Washington. This location is just starting revitalization and will never be in its industrial glory as it is now. Just short of half a mile wide and roughly a quarter of a mile deep this site will take very little to transform into the industrial wonderland of the Iron Shipyard.

For scale of these buildings, please note the multiple blocks of residential space on the lower portion of the map and the size of the homes compared to the size of the structures we will be using.


Event Ingredients List

This list is a general summary of the topics, events and types of storytelling that are common at Dystopia Rising. This is a list of content that is likely to be present at the event. We offer it so that the individual player can determine if these events are right for them. While this listing does not dictate player to player interactions, the official aspects of the events will follow the guideline of what story the game organizers and network wish to run. Its purpose is to allow players to have a greater level of expectations and understanding of what an event could contain before arriving to the site.

Dystopia Rising LARP Network: Uprise 2019

Wartime Simulations. Acts of Violence, Torture, and Character Death.  Amoral Characterizations.  Camping.  Communal Living Spaces.  Community Building In and Out of Character.  Conspiracy Theory Themes.  Dark Humor.  Discover-able/Hidden World Content (Blueprints for Equipment, Story Lore Evolution).  Zones of play for Character Verses Environment, Character Verses Character, and American Freeform Roleplay. Explosions/Fog/ Low Light/ and other Visual Hindrances.  Gender Neutral Bathrooms.  Horror Movie Style Themes.  In character holidays. Images of Visceral Horror.  Intensely Emotional Environments.  Jump Scares.  Lightest Touch Combat Simulation. Materials and canon materials based on the Dystopia Rising Table Top Game Universe. Monsters (Zombies, Clowns, Raiders, Mutants, and more).  Casted Characters to Represent Friends and Enemies (undead, semi-dead, and living).  Overarching continued meta-story and chronology. Physically Demanding Experiences (Running, Climbing, Simulated Fighting, Hiking).  Political Intrigue.  Prop Focused Materials System.  Sandbox Style Storytelling.  Self-Managed Engagement.  Shared personal growth (in and out of character). Simulated Drug Use and Addiction (no real drugs or alcohol is allowed during events).  Simulated Post-Apocalypse Crafting, Economy, and Politics. Simulated Simulated Religious Conflict (A parallel to conflicts of religious ideology via game specific religions without using real world religious sources or content). Slavery (primarily as antagonist content).  Splatter Modules (specific modules with forewarning that could get debris on the player).  Survivor Settlement Simulation (Family, Friends, Faith, Alliances, Enemies, Loss, Living Drama).  Swearing. Twenty Four Hour Character Immersion.

The event and story told within will not contain:

Any content (themes, discussion, jokes, or conversation) that relates to sexual abuse or assault.
Real world violence or non-consensual physical contact.
Use of real world terms or segregation based on any “ism” or bias (Racism, Sexism, Gender Bias, etc).

Special Note On Uprise 2019
Dystopia Rising, as a whole, focuses on a larger “world building” and resource management aspect of the game to simulate the growth and development of characters. We will be using a secondary mechanic that has been used at local branches over the past six months which will be our “Priorities Board”. The Priorities Board will be available and able to be interacted with by any player at any time, where decisions can be made to influence the direction of story not only at the local site but also in regards to a number of events occurring simultaneously in the canon of the world which will be reported on with a number of social media broadcasts (in the form of in character radio broadcasts).

This event will not have a focus of harvesting, production, and development of resources such as crafting materials or blueprints. The focus of this event will be a wartime zone, and with our mechanics system changing in just a few months, we will be focusing on the story instead of the production of resources that will change in a few months time. We invite everyone, regardless of your favorite part of game, to join us.

This event is focusing on story, experience, and making major wold changes. If this is not the sort of items you are interested in, you may not find this event appealing. This is a “risk it for the biscuit” sort of experience focus, not a “build for eventually” sort of experience focus.